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"The fateful meeting happened Sunday morning at breakfast. Sr. Margaret Charles told me about Father Alberione, and his vision of using the media to evangelize like St. Paul. She talked about the work of the Daughters, and invited me to help out with a book display in Ocean City, MD. I had a fabulous time helping out at that event, and the rest is history.... I was hooked."

(Rae Stabosz, Cooperator)

Why Join?

What draws someone to the Association of Pauline Cooperators? Most Cooperators first dip their toes into Pauline waters through personal contact with Paulines going about their daily work: running book and media stores, holding media workshops and film retreats, hosting “Baby Jesus Birthday Parties” or singing their renowned Christmas concerts.

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The period of inquiry introduces the prospective Cooperator to the life of Blessed Alberione and the history of the Pauline Family, as well as its mission, its spirituality and its charism. The inquiring lay person will typically work with a professed Religious or a promised Cooperator to complete a course of prayer and study in order to discern whether they may be called to the lay Pauline apostolate of the Cooperators. The period of inquiry has no particular time constraint or deadline for completion; it differs from case to case. In some cases, Inquiry has been made part of a long retreat weekend. In other cases, inquirers work through the materials over a series of meetings, or by themselves at home, always at a pace that is approved by a Pauline mentor.
Formation follows inquiry for those who believe they are called to be Cooperators. The period of formation is a deepening of immersion into the world of Blessed Alberione and the Pauline charism. Again, the potential Cooperator works through a course of prayer, study and communication that involves reading, journaling, and written exchanges with his or her mentor and other Paulines. Again, they work at their own pace.
Father Alberione wrote the first Statute for the Cooperators in 1918. In 1988, the Holy See approved an updated Statute. A commission was formed to make this Statute inclusive of all groups of Cooperators worldwide. This current Statute was approved for worldwide dissemination to all Pauline Cooperators in 1990.

The Statute of the Association of Pauline Cooperators
When your Pauline mentor and you have come to a discernment that you are ready to commit yourself to the Pauline Family as a Cooperator, you will make your formal Promise. This usually takes place during a Eucharistic liturgy, among other lay and professed Paulines, in an atmosphere of joy and celebration.


Lord my God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, who called me to be a Pauline Cooperator, grant that in imitation of St. Paul the apostle, I may acquire the mind of Christ. I intend to commit my mind, will, heart and strength according to my particular state of life, for the proclamation and diffusion of the Gospel in the forms and spirit of the Pauline Family; for the greater glory of God and for the sanctification of myself and of my brethren. Jesus Christ Teacher, Way, Truth, and Life. Mary Queen of Apostles, St. Paul the Apostle, help me to be faithful. Amen.
"In the morning, therefore, let us place ourselves at His feet and say to Him: you are the Way, I want to walk in your footsteps. You are the Truth: enlighten me! You are the Life: give me grace!"
(Father James Alberione)
"Always be vivacious, even with the passing of years. We must stay young, enthusiastic about our duty."  
(Venerable Mother Thecla Merlo)