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Blessed James Alberione, Founder of the Daughters of St. Paul, saw Mother Thecla as a docile instrument in the hands of God, and a faithful collaborator in the development of the Pauline Family. A woman who obeyed “in an always more intelligent way,” he said of her: “Everything was for God; everything was of God; everything was in God, whom she desired and loved above all things. I think this is the most beautiful testimony she gave us, because she never resisted the will of the Lord” (Fr. Alberione, 02.12.1964). Her deepest desire was to lovingly adhere to the divine plan in a spirit of total docility.

Mother Thecla gives us six secrets to living our life with God at the center:

  • have the freedom to live for others;
  • live with faith in the face of an uncertain future, even when things appear dark and confusing;
  • exercise patience in taking small steps;
  • commit yourself to living and sharing the Gospel;
  • grow in a deep desire for holiness;
  • have a wholehearted commitment to conversion.
Learning from Mother Thecla Merlo the Secret of Holiness
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