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2017 Convention of the Pauline Cooperators September 8 - 10, 2017  
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"The needs of humanity and of the Church and souls are immense. One can readily understand why many projects and works are proposed. But works are done when there are people to do them, and these people are productive in the measure that they have been grafted onto Christ."

The Association of Pauline Cooperators welcomes you!

We are a lay branch of the Pauline Family founded by Blessed James Alberione to realize his vision of a new evangelization using the modern tools of social communication.

Welcome is a way of life in the Pauline Family. Many Cooperators were first drawn to the Paulines because of the welcoming environment they discovered among the Daughters of St. Paul, the Society of St. Paul, and the other Pauline religious orders.

The Cooperators carry this attitude of welcome with them into the world where they are inserted as part of Blessed Alberione's army of contemporary St. Pauls.

"I intend to commit my mind, will, heart and strength according to my particular state of life, for the proclamation and diffusion of the Gospel in the forms and spirit of the Pauline Family; for the greater glory of God and for the sanctification of myself and my brethren."
A Cooperator makes her promise, 2009
Taking the Pauline spirit on the road.  
Pilgrimage, 2010
Be a part of the Pauline vision.
St. Paul is waiting. Join us!