Power in Powerlessness

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Power in Powerlessness

The Daughters of St. Paul are not the only congregation established by Fr. James Alberione. He was the Founder of what is now known as “the Pauline Family,” made up of 10 institutes. The Pauline Family began with the foundation in 1914 of the Society of St. Paul (priests and brothers), followed in 1915 by that of the Daughters of St. Paul (women), and three other religious congregations for women: the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master (1924), the Sisters of Jesus the Good Shepherd (1938), the Sisters of Mary Queen of Apostles (1959).

Part of the Pauline Family too are four Aggregated Institutes: St. Gabriel the Archangel (for laymen), Our Lady of the Annunciation (for laywomen), Jesus the Priest (for diocesan priests), and the Holy Family (for married couples and their families). There is also the Association of Pauline Cooperators, roughly equivalent to what is known as a “third order” in other religious institutes. All the Pauline institutes are distinguished from one another by the specific mission they were founded for; what unites them is the Pauline spirituality presented here.

This spirituality has a strong Christological core. The following passages culled from the Founder’s numerous writings and talks sketch out this Christology and its significance for the identity of the Pauline Family as a whole.

Among the things to be learned in the Pauline Families (sic), the first and principal place is to be given to the devotion  to Jesus Master. Such a devotion is not reduced to simple prayer or to a song, but invests the entire person…. Our devotion to the divine Master is to be applied to spiritual work, study,


Sr Veritas Grau, FSP


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