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See to it that your life is a continual prayer.

Co-Foundress, Mother Thecla Merlo


Daily Prayer

Our daily life of prayer includes:

  • morning and evening prayer together
  • a half hour silent meditation
  • the Mass
  • a Eucharistic Hour of Adoration
  • a half hour of personal prayer before Jesus in the Eucharist

In addition to our daily prayer, we receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly, make a monthly silent day of retreat, have the opportunity for spiritual direction, and make an annual eight-day retreat. Prayer is at the heart of our vocation because it is vital for our relationship with Christ and our mission.

Foundations of Our Prayer
Our prayer is nourished by the Eucharist—celebrated and adored—and the Word of God. The Eucharist and the Word are our daily bread. We, in turn, strive to allow ourselves to be transformed into the Body of Christ in today’s world.

Word of God
In our meditation and daily Eucharistic adoration, we listen to and pray with God’s Word. We also have times of reflecting and sharing on the Word of God together through lectio divina. Our vocal prayer in the morning and evening and the common reflections we share on God’s Word help to strengthen our bonds of communion as sisters. We pray for one another and the needs of God’s people.

Daily “Visit” with Jesus in the Eucharist
Every day we make an hour of Eucharistic adoration, which we call the Visit with Jesus. Jesus the Divine Master is our Way, Truth, and Life, from whom we receive everything we share with others. In our adoration, we entrust to Jesus all the needs, hopes, joys, and sorrows of humanity that we encounter daily, asking him to pour out his mercy and love.

At the feet of the Eucharistic Master, we learn to spend ourselves like him for the salvation of all, becoming bread broken for the life of the world. It is not only important to have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, but to communicate him to others, as St. Paul said: “Woe to me if I do not preach the Gospel!” (1 Cor. 9:16)

Our Pauline Spirit
Like St. Paul we contemplatively listen to the heart of the world with the heart of God. We strive to possess the tenderness of Jesus and the face of humanity, so that our prayer bears fruit in apostolic love. Our spirituality connects us with the apostolic spirit of Paul who allowed himself to be totally transformed into Christ in order to be Christ for others. “For me, life is Christ!” (Phil. 1:21)

Mary Queen of Apostles

We entrust our spiritual journey and all our efforts into the hands of Mary, our loving Mother, Teacher, and Queen. As the Queen of Apostles, Mary treasured the Word of God in her heart and offered her Son--that very same Word--to the world. We pattern our life on hers, both our contemplation and our mission. In addition to the beautiful Marian prayers written by our Founder, we pray the rosary often during our daily Hour of Adoration. 

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Blessed James Alberione, Founder

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