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"You are the body of Christ...."
(Saint Paul)

“All of our life should allow the mystery of Christ to shine through. (Sr. Joanna Puntel, FSP).

If the most central element of religious life is the following of Christ, then the heart of this following is relationship, living in community with each other. In community we live a daily yes together. Through the beauty of relationships we make visible the loving, merciful, free, and liberating face of God, whom we are called to communicate through mission.

Rooted in the teaching of St. Paul, our communities seek to be places of communion and mutual respect, where each one opens up so as to understand the other, build up the other, and find the way to share in the other’s joys and sorrows. Venerable Mother Thecla, our Co-Foundress, often said: “Community should be a corner of heaven, not because there are no shortcomings, but because there is virtue that overcomes and passes over so many little things.”

We seek the will of God together, listening to the Spirit, accepting the poverty of relinquishing our own ideas and opinions in order to respond together as a group of apostles to the new invitations of God in a spirit of co-responsibility, collaboration and communion.

Joy and festivity are characteristic of the family spirit of the Daughters of St. Paul, as we build up communities open to values, to reconciliation, and to hope.

“Letting herself be touched by the tenderness, meekness, and compassion of Jesus, the Daughter of St. Paul is able to live a way of relating that prefers and chooses attention over indifference, solidarity over individualism, forgiveness over violence, gentle words over harsh words” (Sr. Joanna Puntel, FSP).

  • Joy is one of the most evident signs of God's presence and is one of the qualities of the life of a Daughter of St. Paul. Even in sorrow, we are sustained by the presence and the joy of the community.

  • Sr. Ruth and Sr Neville at a community celebration.

  • Sr. Christina Miriam with Sr. Fay Josephine at their Perpetual Profession.

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