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Why Paul?
"You must be St. Paul living today"
(Bl. James Alberione)

“The Pauline vocation demands that the Daughters of St. Paul keep watch, like sentinels, with our gaze fixed ahead, studying the ever-widening and continually changing horizons of communication.” (Sr. Agnes Quaglini)

Why Paul? Of all the saints in the Church under whose patronage Blessed James Alberione could have placed our Congregation, why did he choose Paul, whose life and letters form such a large part of the New Testament? The answer to that question paints the horizon of our spirituality, of our mission, of our living together as community, indeed, of every aspect of our consecrated life.

Paul—you lived your experience of faith, and you shared it with others through preaching and writing…

Paul—you labored intensely for the Gospel so that all would hear the name of Jesus—who had shown his love for you in a particularly powerful way—and you lived deeply an apostolic mysticism to the point that you could say, “It is no longer I who live, it is Christ who lives in me!” (Gal 2:20)…

Paul—you preached Christ through voice and letter, as well as through your very life, and thus are the model of the spoken, written, and lived “preaching” of the Daughter of St. Paul who announces the Gospel with your same passion and commitment….

During the earliest days of our Congregation in Susa, Italy, the people became aware of the strong bond between our first sisters and St. Paul, whom they trusted for everything and took as the model for their lives and work. It was the people of Susa who first named us “Daughters of St. Paul.”

“The Pauline Family was raised up by St. Paul to continue his work. It is St. Paul alive today, composed of many members. We did not choose St. Paul; he is the one who chose and called us. He wants us to do what he would do if he were alive today. And what would he do if he were alive today? He would fulfill the two great precepts as only he knew how to do. ...He would use the greatest ‘pulpits’ fashioned by modern progress: the press, cinema, radio, television; the greatest discoveries [to transmit] the doctrine of love and salvation: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. St. Paul made himself our ‘form.’ ... Let us be true Paulines. Paulines!” (To the Daughters of St. Paul, 1954, pp. 144-145).

  • The Pauline Family: A Letter from St. Paul to the World

  • Daughters of St. Paul Motherhouse, Boston, Massachusetts. "50 St. Paul's Ave" is full of life and energy since it houses the Novitiate, Provincialate, Infirmary, our elderly sisters, and the publishing house and sound studios for Pauline Books and Media. The sisters in the province return here each summer for retreat.

  • Sr Lea

    Sr. Lea Hill is one of the Developmental Editors for Pauline Books and Media.

  • Sr Ruth

    Hermana Maria Ruth's voice is carried over the airwaves through the daily and weekly programs she creates at Radio Paulinas. Her programs air on over 100 stations throughout the US, Latin America, and other places across the globe.

Growing in a spirit of praise and thanksgiving, we learn to love and compassionately embrace the hungers of the human family.
As Christ was sent by the Father, he now sends us through the Church 'to preach' the Gospel to everyone.
imgDaughters of a great father
We communicate the Gospel with the passion and the courage of the Apostle Paul.
imgThe School of Jesus
Mary is the teacher who leads us to the school of her Son Jesus and forms us for the apostolate.
imgIn Prayer
Through the power of the Spirit, we are conformed more and more completely to Christ.
imgGrace must enter everywhere
Our whole day and our entire being must be caught up in prayer. (The Founder)
In the years of postulancy and novitiate a young woman experiences life in our community, grows in awareness of her vocation, and begins to dedicate herself to the work of evangelization.
imgChosen and sent
"The Lord could have chosen you for many other tasks, but in choosing you to carry out the apostolate of communications he gave you a mission very close to the mission fulfilled by Christ." (The Founder)
imgJoyful apostles
"Happy those who hear the word of God and keep it." (Jesus)
imgThe Light
The Daughter of St. Paul has the same mission as the Apostle Paul: to give the world what he had received from Jesus Christ. And what had he received from Jesus Christ? The Light.
imgOffering our entire being
We are called to become a communication of Christ's love even in the demanding field of social communications.
imgA life centered on the Eucharist
The daily hour of Eucharistic adoration is a privileged moment in which each one, as a disciple, places her entire being in the school of Jesus.
imgChoosing Christ
The initial years of formation in the Daughters of St. Paul are a school of faith, of discipleship, a journey of life that leads to the radical choice of Christ.
The novices prepare themselves for a total, free and conscious self-donation to the Father, following Christ the Master in the practice of the evangelical counsels.
imgQueen of the Apostles
Our vocation matures in the presence of Mary, Mother, Teacher, and Queen of the Apostles. From her we learn how to give Jesus to the world.
imgBearers of Christ
"You live in the world, but you are not of the world. You work in the world, but you wait until heaven for your reward. Bearers of Christ.... Bring the truth in charity." (The Founder)
imgConsecrated life
Consecrated life needs mysticism, passion, and prophecy. It gives birth to a mission that is attractive, courageous, and passionate.
imgMeeting Jesus in HIs Word
The Pauline life is not a matter of doing. It is a way of being before Jesus Christ whom we meet in his Word. Finding him we are joyous, speak with him, understand his values, take on his choices. We learn a new way of being and relating to others.
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