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Introduction to the Pauline Charism
Jesus Master
What is the Pauline Charism?

The word Charism can seem a little esoteric, but the word Charism simply means gift. The Pauline Charism is the gift that was given to Blessed Father Alberione for the Church and thousands of men and women have followed him in the congregations, institutes, and lay associations he founded in the 20th Century. 

What makes the Pauline Charism unique is it's emphasis on totality, integrality, living Christ, and communicating Christ to the world in the field of social communications in the spirit of St. Paul.

Lectio Divina on the Good Shepherd
by the Daughters of St. Paul


Jesus says:
"I am the Good Shepherd. I will lay down my life for my sheep.
My sheep know my voice and they follow me."

You are invited to use this series of reflections as a Lectio Divina or according to the Pauline Way, Truth, and Life method. The reflections may be used as a group study or for your personal spiritual growth. The notations in the text will suggest both of these means.

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